1/2 In. Weldless Stainless Steel Kettle Ball Valve with 1/2 In. Nipple

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Product Description

Easily add a valve to your kettle or mash tun. This valve assembly is unique from others listed on Amazon in that it has two silicone washers that seal both sides of the kettle. Other weldless valves only have one and often result in slow, annoying leaks. This assembly also has a unique washer in that it is flat and not rounded like other brands for sale on Amazon. The flat washer goes on the outside of the kettle and increases the surface area of contact and effectively seals the valve into the kettle. Rounded washers do not have as large of a surface area and do not seal as well against the stainless kettle. Complete kit includes a Weldless bulkhead assembly to convert any kettle without welding, Standard 2 piece full port valve, and 1/2′ hose barb. All fittings are stainless steel, 1/2′ NPT thread. Seals are all high temp silicone.


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