2 Way CO2 Distributor, 5/16′

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2 Way Co2 Distributor Manifold Our 2 Way CO2 Distributors are an economical way to run more than one keg off of a single CO2 tank. Each shutoff has its own ball check valve to prevent the flow of liquid into the regulator. This gas distributor is made out of aluminum and offers a one piece construction for easy mounting and less opportunity for leaks to develop. Holes are machined with 1/4′ NPT threads so a third valve can be easily added. • 2 x Chrome Shut-off Valves with built in ball style check valves, Third valve can be added at the end • 5/16′ Hose barbs fits most tubing used in commercial installations • Built in wall mounting bracket •Solid Aluminum Block gives less chance of leaks


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