Beer Line Cleaning Kit by Kegconnection

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Beer Line Cleaning Kit, Gravity Feed Detailed, illustrated , easy to use instructions included! Featuring 8 oz. bag of ‘Brew Clean’ – a safe, and easy powered form cleaner, Made in the USA! Assembled in the USA from Domestic and foreign components. Metal Faucet Wrench, Made in the USA! Bottle is marked in both ounces and ML and is Made in the USA. Ball Lifter for holding check valve ball on beer coupler (also called tap) open so liquid can pass through beer coupler (no need to remove like some cleaning kits!) Plastic connection for connecting the cleaning line directly to the tower or standard shank High quality faucet brush is included. Info on assistance is included in instructions should you need help with this product. We don’t think you will after you see the Instructions! Feel Free to contact Kegconnection at 325-356-5204 CST with any questions.


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