Cold Hard Bitch Blonde Ale, Beer Making Extract Kit

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Cold Hard Bitch Blonde Ale, Beer Making Extract Kit Description:

Your lawn stretches before you like the endless Sahara and your mower rattles your bones while the dust settles on your tongue and the sun bakes your brain like a blast furnace, and as you make that final pass, you are ready for a cold one—but not some typical “lawnmower” beer, because let’s face it—most lawnmower beers are served with a side dish of sissypants. No, you want a real beer that’s golden, crisp, clean and drinkable but has enough hop flavor and bitterness to kick your ass into next week! Well, do you realize that this brew has FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT more hoppiness than your regular lawnmover beer? Damn right, and that’s the point! It’s one hundred degrees, man, and you want a beer with big hops that you can chill so damned cold that it will make your fillings ache as a precursor to a brain-freeze so epic that your eyes will roll into the back of your head, the mosquito feeding upon your scalp will infarct, and you’ll release a sigh so pleasurable that the karmic imbalance will cause a planetary misalignment! For a demonstration, serve this beer to your weenie neighbor drinking his “Schlub Light” and watch him scream, “Oh, that’s a bitch!” and go cry to mama. In a world of beer-weenies, having good taste is a tremendous burden, so serve it hard, and serve it cold!

A particularly popular Cold Hard Bitch Blonde Ale, Beer Making Extract Kit in the warm season is "Beer"! The long-time popularity of this drink has led to the fact that we have a wide variety of beers. Beer dark and light, live beer, filtered and unfiltered, beer in cans, glass bottles and draught beer, we can continue and continue this list. A wide selection of beer is also available in online shop. Order with delivery to your home!

In online shop you will also find everything for beer making. Ingredients, beer sets for the preparation of natural grain beer, malt extracts and concentrates. A wide range of products for home brewing of online shop will help meet the needs of any brewer with our Cold Hard Bitch Blonde Ale, Beer Making Extract Kit. We always have the freshest ingredients from the leading European manufacturers. Our equipment will help even beginners to easily master the process of home brewing.

We all know well that the taste of home-made beer differs significantly from store beer. After all, homemade beer cooked by all the rules is guaranteed to be a natural product without any harmful concentrates and dyes. It is not surprise, that beer making at home with our Cold Hard Bitch Blonde Ale, Beer Making Extract Kit is becoming more popular. In addition, this hobby is very exciting, as it allows not only to follow all the stages of the transformation ingredients into an exquisite drink, but also gives an amazing opportunity to create your own unique beer, vermouth or even cognac!

Easy and simple preparation of fragrant beer at home!


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