HomeBrewStuff Weldless Kettle Wort Whirlpool Return for home brewers

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HomeBrewStuff Weldless Kettle Wort Whirlpool Return for home brewers Brewers That use a immersion chiller, plate chiller, counter flow chiller,or a pump (and dont most of us?) should know that recirculating the wort back into the kettle to whirlpool the wort makes for much faster cooling with an immersion chiller and will also make a concentrated pile of trub and hop particles in the center of the kettle bottom, Keeping it out of those impossible to reach areas of the pump, plate chiller, or counter flow. This whirlpool return should be installed higher than your wort level in the kettle, so that it can extend down the side wall of the kettle before curving to the side to force the recirculated liquid towards the sidewall and around in a circle. This return is also slightly curved to fully circle around the kettle. And full weldless installation hardware is included. Dip tube measures 11.5 inches, with elbow and weldless fitting it is 14 total inches tall. Tall enough to fit most kettles.Includes: 1 Stainless steel elbow Dip tube, 11.5 inch x 4 inch 1 Stainless steel elbow 1 Stainless steel tube compression Fittings Male x Tube 1/2′ x 1/2′ 1 Locknut with cut out for O-ring 1 High Temp O-ring 1 Stainless steel heavy duty Washer 1 Stainless steel Hose barb 1 Stailess steel threaded nipple


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