Jockey Box Coil 3/8-inch 25′ Stainless Steel Tubing

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Product Description

Build your own Jockey Box, HERMS Brewing System, or DIY Distilling Condensing Snake! This 25′ stainless steel coil features a 3/8′ outside diameter and is made with food grade 304ss material. A 3/8′ outside diameter allows you to tap beer at a lower pressure for a perfect pour. Coils with smaller diameters (such as 5/16′ or 1/4′) require higher tap pressure, resulting in foamy inconsistent pours. Stainless steel coils are preferable over cold plates because the coils are longer allowing more time for the beer to chill. Includes: One 3/8′ OD 25′ stainless steel coil


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