Premium Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle by Adult Pop, Chalk Included

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Finally, a tap handle that looks good and is functional! -This fine quality chalkboard tap handle for kegerator is bound to become the center piece of any bar, man cave, or tail-gate party.-Fits any kegerator or any dual/multiple taps that are at least 3.5′ apart!-No more need for a finding a new tap handle every time you swap kegs!-These beautiful tap handles are built to last, handcrafted from cherry wood with a laser etched logo that will not rub off! -Worried whether it will fit your taps? Rest assured, our kegerator tap handles fit all US 3/8 -16 standard tap faucet lever threading.-Simply write, drink, erase, and repeat! Just use a damp cloth for effective removal of old messages from the chalkboard face! Your new tap handle includes one piece of white chalk, so you can use it the moment it lands at your doorstep! Please, do NOT use any liquid chalk pen products. **Please remember that no two pieces of wood are alike, and wood grain will differ slightly for each tap handle making each and every one unique! The pictures provided are of different taps to give a close example of what you will receive.SPECIFICATIONS:overall height: 11′ overall width: 3′ chalkboard face: 5.5′ x 2.5′ thickness: varies, but averages out around 1′ threading: 3/8′ -16 UNC (unified coarse thread)


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