Red Baron Bottle Capper (Ferrari Emily Wing Capper, Red Plastic)

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Product Description

This durable hand capper has a magnetic capper head and self stopping crimper bell. The 26mm (standard) bell has a magnet to hold the bottle cap. Very easy to use and a must for capping beer bottles. Also accepts our #CB6100A 29mm European bell listed below for EU type bottles and 29mm gold caps. Don’t forget when using the 29mm bell to turn around the 2 metal neck grip plates on your Red Barron capper to avoid breaking the bottle neck. It’s an easy adjustment and makes the Red Baron all purpose. You can remove the plates with a pliers or easier yet, knock them out from the back side with a dowel rod and hammer. Bench corkers do not need this extra step to cap 29mm Eurpean bottles but they do need the proper bell for the capper you have. Also, when capping 750ml Champagne bottles with the Red Baron capper turn the plates around for a tighter fitting cap.


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