Sankey to Ball Lock Quick Disconnect Conversion Kit

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Product Description

Make it easy to switch between commercial kegs and homebrew product tanks with this Sankey to Ball-Lock disconnect conversion kit. This kit features a ball-lock post for both the gas and liquid sides of a Sankey coupler. Each post threads onto the standard US 7/8′ x 14 female straight pipe thread draft fittings of your coupler. All you’ll need to do is attach ball-lock disconnects to your beer and air lines and then screw these conversion plugs onto your coupler. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently change out your kegs to enjoy both mass-produced commercial beer and your own homebrew creations. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Ball-lock posts easily attach to Sankey coupler air and beer line fittings. Makes it easy to toggle between commercial and homebrew beers. Includes both gas and liquid side ball-lock posts.


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