Swing Top Grolsch Glass Bottles 16oz – AMBER – For Brewing Kombucha Kefir Beer (6 Set) Bonus Gaskets

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EZ Cap Amber Bottles Designed For Homebrew Perfect for brewing batches of beer, kombucha, water kefir, soda and more. Amber glass filters UV light to keep your batches fresher for longer. Our flip top stoppers come pre-attached to the bottles, no more straining to attach them yourself. Our unique high-pressure gaskets are designed for brewing high-carb beverages. Adding fruit or a lot of priming sugar to your brew? No problem! Forget about popped caps or bottle bombs. These are high-quality Grolsch style bottles and caps. Reusable and built to last – Thick heavy glass bottles – (204) stainless steel closures are dishwasher-safe and won’t rust or peel like cheap chrome. – Hardwearing BPA-free plastic caps won’t crack or break like porcelain. – High-pressure bottles rated to 4 bar / 58psi – Your bottles come with 2 sets of different style gaskets to suit your brewing style, use our high-pressure gaskets for high pressure and longer fermentation brewing or the medium pressure gaskets for standard brews and medium duration ferments. Our bottle set will have you happily brewing for many years to come. Bottle measurements: 9.9” high 2.67” diameter 1.17” outside neck diameter 0.66” inside neck diameter Bottle capacity: 16oz/500ml Click the orange ‘Add to Cart’ button above because this is the highest quality set of 6 amber brew bottles that your money can buy. NOTE: As we transition into the new format of 2 different styles of gaskets. Some boxes may be sent with the original gasket format which will contain 2 sets of the same high pressure (full cover style) gasket.


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