Thorium Racking Cane Auto Siphon Tube Clip Clamp Holder | 1/2′ size | Two Pack

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Product Description

The Thorium Story Thorium products are moulded deep in the mountains of Mount Alitura and first approved by the mountain gods before release upon this world. Once our warriors use our products, they will always be spell bound to our Thorium Brand by the greatness and joy it brings to their lives. Power to Thorium! SIZE Clamp / clip size is 3/8′ and hold your auto siphon tube in place. Fits sturdy on your fermenting bucket or carboy to ensure that no spillage happens. DURABLE Made from highly durable material with a long life expectancy even under stressful usage. USES The clip / clamp has various uses from holding the racking cane in place or tubing. It grips the bucket or carboy firmly as to not pop-off. Clip / clamp can be used in holding the hose or tubing from the bottom bucket when you siphon from carboy. Hold the auto siphon up from the bottom of the bucket or carboy as to not suck up any sediment.


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